To be held at Wingham Sporting Complex

  • A team of at least 3 riders to every bike

  • Riders MUST raise a minimum of $335 to be eligible to ride, with money raised being collected through everydayhero, as with Jindaboonda. Links will be sent to riders shortly.

  • After minimum amount is raised, a team must then seek sponsorship in the form of per lap donations. Note that it is estimated we will achieve around 1000 laps in 10 hours. There is no minimum for the amount of team sponsorship raised, however every team should aim for around $500

  • This event is a ride, more than a race. Safety is paramount, and the event rules will be strictly enforced

  • The event is an “enter at own risk” affair. As with Jindaboonda, a release form must be signed.

  • There will be restrictions on bike modification, a mod list will be sent to riders shortly.

The mission of the Lions/Garvan partnership is to sequence the genomes of 400 kids with high risk, aggressive cancers. The information gained will be used to track changes in the tumour and to better target treatment. So each child will get precision treatment that matches their tumour. The right treatment for the right cancer at the right time. For the first time, we have the science to achieve this goal.

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is a world leader in innovative fundamental medical research with more than 600 scientists, students, support staff and associates. Garvan’s main research divisions are: Cancer, Diabetes & Obesity, Immunology, Osteoporosis and Bone Biology, and Neuroscience
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