Every year in Australia, almost 800 kids are diagnosed with cancer, many of them with a terminal diagnosis.

Genome Power is offering hope: with support from Vodafone Foundation, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research is seeking more treatment options for these kids, through the power of genome sequencing.


So how can you help?

1. Create your own fundraising page by clicking on the 'Start Fundraising' button

2. Share the message with your family and friends, and encourage donations

3. Feel proud knowing that you are helping Garvan researchers find more treatment options for kids with cancer


Garvan Institute of Medical Research

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is a world leader in innovative fundamental medical research with more than 600 scientists, students, support staff and associates. Garvan’s main research divisions are: Cancer, Diabetes & Obesity, Immunology, Osteoporosis & Bone Biology, Genomics & Epigenetics, and Neuroscience

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